Charming homes with spectacular views of the city. From 53 m² to about 154 m² plus terraces, completely renovated and adapted to the needs and lifestyle of today.


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Main facade
• Operable 2 tilt & turn aluminium windows by Technal with acoustic lamination and micro-ventilation.

• Motorised rollable curtains with blackout fabric.

Back facade
• Sliding aluminium trellis with addressable slats, like Gradpanel P-80 N.

• Inside protective metal banister.

• Balconies with operable sliding doors with micro-ventilation using aluminium frames by Technal.

• Motorised rollable curtains with blackout fabric.

• Single or double operable tilt & turn aluminium windows by Technal in bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms.


• Inside partition walls will be laminated 15 mm drywall plaster with rock wool insulation boards and posts every 40 cms.

• Apartments will be separated by double-thick drywalls with rock wool insulation boards, galvanised metal sheets and acoustic lamination between partition walls.

• Suspended ceilings inside the apartments will be drywall with rock wool insulation boards in rooms and pelmets on the front and back facades for rollable screens.


• Interior door will be NORMA Block lacquered wood, 2.10 m tall, two gaps and 40 mm thick.

• Sliding doors will use the KRONA system.

• Entrance door to the apartment will be armoured, TESA lock with three anchor points.

• The built-in wardrobes in the bedrooms will be lined on the inside with maple wood melamine, even in shelves, rails and drawers. The outside will have the same finish as the doors, also with doorknobs.


• Anti-static, Aquasafe AC5 (205 x 20.8 x 9 cm) oak wood flooring will line the apartments, except in the bathrooms that will be lined with Saloni WAY Marfil X or Porcelanosa rectified porcelain tiles (60 x 60 cm).

• Skirting board in varnished damp-proof DM (10 x 1.60 cm).


• Walls lined discontinuously in shiny white Marmi China by Porcelanosa or Saloni rectified porcelain tiles (31.6 x 90 x 0.9 cm).

• NK Concept suspended toilet (36 x 50 cm) with NK Concept toilet seat by Porcelanosa. Smart Line frame, 85 cm tall and push button on shelf lined with white Zeus Silestone by Porcelanosa, except bathrooms on the 6th floor that will use NK Concept floor-mounted toilets with incorporated cistern or similar quality model and manufacturer.

• SOFT wash basin (60 x 48 cm) with KRION SNOW WHITE countertop by Porcelanosa.

• KOLE wash basin (60 x 45 cm to 100 x 45 cm in adapted basins) by Porcelanosa.

• ARQUITECT 120 x 70 cm shower plate by Porcelanosa.
ATTICA tempered glass screen with operable door or VITRA sliding door by Porcelanosa. • Essence New-S single mixing tap by GROHE for wash basins.

• Shower Euphoria System 310 with 26075000 thermostat by GROHE.

• Mirror mounted on DM (0.80 to 1.30 x 1.10) in all bathrooms and washrooms.

• White CONTRACT 50 x 188 electric towel rails by Porcelanosa installed.


• NOLTE F17 Feel.

• White satin-finish matt lacquered laminate. Integrated knobs. Premium Line total damping and extraction in drawers and integrated damping in doors.

• Matt white laminated 15 cm skirting board. 3000K LED light bar integrated under cabinets, stainless steel finish.

• Counter tops and wall with 1.2 cm NEOLITH Arctic White ceramic tiles. • BLANCO SUPRA 450-U sinks.

• BLANCO LINUS-S HD CROMO mixing taps.

• Hidden SIEMENS 700 M3/H extractor hood (depending on type of apartment).

• SIEMENS 60 cm 2-area induction hob (depending on type of apartment).

• SIEMENS DOMINO 30 cm 1-area induction hob (depending on type of apartment).

• SIEMENS Microwave oven (depending on type of apartment).

• SIEMENS Microwave oven (depending on type of apartment).

• Built-in 60 cm SIEMENS dishwasher (depending on type of apartment).

• Built-in 45 cm SIEMENS dishwasher (depending on type of apartment).

• Built-in SIEMENS washing machine (depending on type of apartment).

• Built-in SIEMENS fridge freezer (depending on type of apartment).

• Standalone SIEMENS washing machine (depending on type of apartment).


• Relievers will be built (water spouts made from 70 x 40 mm U-shaped metal sheets) in 6th and 8th floor terraces, substituting the 2nd drain, placed at an intermediate level between the drain and level to apartment access.

• Composite floating flooring with drain opening in the private terraces on the 6th, 8th and 9th floors.

• Lighting in terraces on the 6th, 8th and 9th floors: Grey Lea Resessed wall lamps (225 x 195 x 63) by Ineslam, placed at 40 cm from the floor, or similar quality.


• Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump System, external unit (1.00 x 0.40 x 0.90 m) and interior unit with incorporated ACS individual accumulation deposit (68 x 60 x 180 cm).


• Air conditioning installation distributed along Climaver pipes and linear grids.

• Heat Pump system with Mitsubishi Electric PUHZ-SHW 112YHA external unit and Mitsubishi Electric ERST2OC-VM2C internal unit provide hot and cold air with individual air conditioning, or similar quality.


• Equipped with telephone and telecommunications sockets in every room. TV aerial sockets in living room and master bedroom.

• White JUNG LS990 devices compatible with KNX home automation systems, or similar quality.

• Indoor lighting in apartments: lamps built into the dry wall ceiling, white AMBER by INESLAM (70 x 70 x 75 cm), 10W LED, or similar quality.

• Indoor lighting in kitchen area with 2 cm. Aluminium mounts with LED opal diffuser TED001P16 by INESLAM, or similar quality.


• 2 Innsbruck Saunas (2.00 x 1.50 m) with Hemlock wooden panels, secure glass door, benches, back rests, temperature regulation controls, white and chromotherapy LED lighting control by Fluidra or similar quality.

• Relaxing SPA (5.00 x 3.20 m, 1.00 m in depth) with water at 30°C to 32°C with UV electrolysis. Lined with 3 cm glass mosaic tiles over sprayed vessel, forming perimeter and lit stair. Skimmers on two sides with ABS grill, LED RGB underwater lighting, pressure water jets and stainless steel hand rail (Ø 4 cm), or similar quality.

• Rigid and motorised thermal barrier to maintain temperature, or similar quality.

• General LED lighting directed at arches and masonry walls, BLIND by FARO or similar quality.


• Apartment interiors: vertical and horizontal surfaces with RAL9010 colour acrylic paint.